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Welcome to our enchanting world of floral elegance! Discover our exquisite rental wedding floral arch, a breathtaking masterpiece that will transform your special day into a dreamlike affair.


Adorned with a mesmerizing blend of pristine white roses, luxurious peonies, graceful orchids, and other enchanting blooms, our floral arch creates an ethereal ambiance that leaves a lasting impression. Each flower is hand-selected for its beauty and symbolism, symbolizing love, purity, and prosperity, making it the perfect backdrop for your heartfelt ceremony.


Standing tall at an impressive height of 9 feet, our floral arch commands attention with its grandeur and elegance. Its lushness and opulence are second to none, exuding a sense of timeless beauty that will be adored by both you and your guests.


Versatility is at the heart of our rental floral arch, making it a delightful addition to various wedding settings. Use it as a captivating ceremony backdrop, a majestic start to a grand aisle, or as an exquisite focal point on the stage behind the sweetheart corner. No matter where it graces your celebration, it effortlessly adds an aura of romance and charm, turning your moments into cherished memories.


Allow us to be part of your unforgettable journey, creating a seamless and stress-free experience as you prepare for your big day. Our team of passionate experts will ensure that your vision is brought to life, with attention to detail and dedication.


Make your wedding a floral fairytale with our rental wedding faux floral arch. Embrace the allure of natural looking, but elegant faux blooms, immersing yourself in an atmosphere of pure enchantment.


We will deliver, set up and pick up after your event. for a small additional fee, we will stay back and transport from ceremony space to the reception space or anywhere else it might be needed.


Shop the full collection for matching centerpieces, flower walls, or runners to complet the look

9ft Double Crescent floral Arch - Timeless Elegance collection


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